South American Hillman Avenger cars: Dodge 1500 and Volkswagen 1500

Though the Avenger went out of production in Europe in 1981, it would last for many more years in South America.

The result of the Anglo-South American venture was the Dodge 1500, which was produced in Brazil and Argentina. In 1982, and thanks to Chrysler's continued rationalization (read contraction), it became the Volkswagen 1500, and remained in production for the rest of the Eighties.

Little changed, externally, the 1500 meant that Roy Axe's 1960s Rootes swansong would live on until the late 1980s... Here we see a post-1980 facelift model.

Two Volkswagen 1500s... look familliar? (left): 1982 Volkswagen 1500, still carrying the Chrysler Pentastar. (Right): 1984 Volkswagen 1500; now with Volkswagen identification...


South American Avengers

The Argentinean Avenger - in Dodge and Volkswagen form...

Enter the Argentinean Avenger

The Brazilian Dodge 1500 and Polara...

Enter the Brazilian Dodge 1500

All pictures taken from "World Cars." All press photos kindly supplied by Declan Berridge



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