New Zealand Avenger in production

To celebrate the opening of Todd Motor's Todd Park car plant at Porirua, Wellington, the December 1974 issue of NZ Motor World ran a large feature of Todds and their operations. Within the feature was a full page glossy colour spread of a car on their production lines, a yellow Hillman Avenger Super 1600.

Avengers in New Zealand

Assembly at Todd Park, 1974 Within the next few photos, we follow this car's creation, from a set of pre-pressed bare steel panels, to the finished product.

Building the body. After the imported parts (from the UK) are unboxed, they are assembled by welders using precision jigs.

The Todd Park Plant takes each car through a series of processes starting with the electrocoating tank where all metal components are rustproofed.

After two coats of primer the surface is wet sanded in readiness for the final coats of paint (Note the Valiant on the line in front, and the Hillman Hunter directly behind).

The body is sprayed with enamel then baked.

The body is lowered onto the powertrain - engine, transmission and suspension (1600cc with 4 speed manual).

Through the water spray booth to check for leaks.

Finally the 'soft trim' - carpeting and seating (vinyl trim) - is installed.

Finally, the we see the finished product! Shown also are a Valiant Regal, Hillman Hunter and Hillman Avenger Alpine.


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