Chrysler Sunbeam Alpine Cars

The Chrysler Sunbeam was rushed from conception to production in less than two and half years - something of a record in modern times. The idea was to replace the Imp and to fight in the fast-growing supermini sector, and because there was no time to develop an entirely new platform, the car was based upon a shortened version of the Avenger platform. Ironically, Chrysler's Sunbeam hit the market some time before British Leyland’s entry, the Metro, which is ironic seeing as that company created the Mini.

The Sunbeam Development Story

Here is the story of how the Sunbeam was conceived, and what happened during its production life...

Enter the Sunbeam development and production story, covering the first prototypes through to the last rally models...

Sunbeam drawings and prototypes

Project R429 (the Sunbeam) was a rush job; it had to be — a government handout in 1975 helped fund the emergency project.

Enter the R429 development story...


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