Without the following people, this web site would not be the informative and entertaining place that it is..... In fact, none of this would have been possible without them!

Keith Adams, austin-rover.co.uk
...for creating this informative and entertaining web site

Alexander Beyer, Graham Arnold, Declan Berridge, Dale Turley, and Ian Robertson
...for contributing scans of brochures and/or press photos. A particular thanks to Alexander Beyer, who provided most of the brochure scans.

Steve Cropley, Editor in Chief, and Rob Aherne, Editor of Autocar magazine
...for allowing us to quote from their excellent magazine.

Roy Axe, former Chrysler Europe Director of Design
...for offering vital information about the Horizon, Whitley and Chrysler.

Burt Bouwkamp, Chrysler Europe's Executive Director of Product Development
...for brilliant insights into product planning at Chrysler during the 1970s (both here and at allpar)

Andy Thompson
...for his input into many of the site's development stories; his knowledge is truly encyclopaedic...

Declan Berridge
...for providing countless pictures and much of the information that found its way onto this site...

Julian Marsh
...for interesting Rootes pictures and allowing us to quote his Citroenet resource.

Graham Arnold and Asopče Simeli
...for writing articles for the site.

James Robinson, Hervé Le Guernic, Ian Robertson, Jerry Ford, Adrien Cahuzac and Lennart Sorth
...for providing some excellent pictures.

Evoke24.com for the lovely standards-compliant site redesign!

I am sure that this list of top people will grow as this site continues to grow.

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