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The "Arrow" range was conceived as a smart-suited replacement for the Audax range of Minx/Supermix models and their badge-engineered counterparts. Some have called this the last Rootes car, although the Avenger has equal claim to that title. Launched in 1966/67, the new range of cars came in several guises, from the Hillman Minx at the bottom of the range, to the Humber Sceptre right at the top.

The Development Story

Here is the story of how the Arrow was conceived, and what happened during its production life...

Enter Arrow/Hunter Development

Arrow Drawings and prototypes

Serious work began on the Arrows range in 1963, after being planned for from 1961. The intention, right from the beginning was to effectively cover three model ranges by using a single platform.

Enter Arrow/Hunter Prototypes

The Swallow project

The one that got away... the car that the Arrow project replaced.

Enter the Swallow Project

Sunbeam Rapier

Roy Axe's stylish coupe version of the Arrows range...

Enter Sunbeam Rapier Prototypes

UK Arrow variations

When people mention badge engineering, one always thinks of BMC; The Rootes Group were also not averse to this practice, and the Arrow range was one that was available in MANY variations.

Enter Arrow Variations


Iran's Hunter; still in production in 2004...

Enter Paykan - Iran's Hunter



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