Alpine/1308 projects and prototypes

Designated the C6, engineered at Poissy and styled in Whitley, the five-door hatchback that emerged sported a clean and crisp style and contemporary layout.

Styling sketches

Clay models

Preparing the models...

The clay modellers at Whitley hard at work...

Three schemes for evaluation...

Three early full-size proposals from September 1973 for the C6 (known at this time as Super 1100/Super 1300) shows that the hatchback configuration had been decided on at a very early stage. The proposals sow a level of experimentation with the side window arrangements. Notice that the nose is "lean back", on the top styling model, predicting the style of the 1979 facelift (Talbot-SIMCA 1510).


Pictures kindly suppled by Etienne van der Linden and Hervé Le Guernic.

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