Arrow variations

The Rootes Group were a prime proponent of the art of badge engineering; take a basic car and apply several marque names to it in order to cover several market sectors, whilst keeping a wide range of customers happy.

Here is a gallery of a few of the Arrows that were sold during its lifetime...


Hunter 1976-1979

After the 1976 shakeup of the Rootes Arrow range, all previous marque names were replaced by the Chrysler moniker.


Minx 1967-1970

The Minx was the entry level into the Hillman range; and was replaced for 1971 by a De Luxe badged version of the Hunter.

Hunter 1966-1976

The mainstay of the Arrow range; remained in production from 1966, through to the end in 1979. Started out as a Hillman, and changed into a Chrysler (above). No documentary evidence exists (yet) as to whether any Chrysler Hunters remained in the dealers' back-lots long enough to be re-badged as Talbots, following the creation of the marque in August 1979.


Sceptre Mk III 1967-1976

The top-of-range Arrow was treated to a wood-clad interior and the use of the Rootes Group luxury brand name.


Vogue 1966-1970

The Singer badged saloon - the marque's equivalent model to the Hillman Hunter.

Gazelle 1967-1970

The Singer badged saloon - equivalent to the Hillman Minx.


Vogue 1970 only

Rebadged Singer Vogue; only produced for a short time to run-down stocks.

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