Avenger projects and prototypes


The New B Car would prove to be a departure from the last all-Rootes model to precede it, the Hunter. The main difference was the emergence of a "Detroit" style and a more youthful direction. Much time and effort went into ensuring that the car was exactly what the company's customers wanted from it, and more importantly, it was designed with an eye on taking sales from Ford. Here are some images taken during the development of this vitally important new car.


Early styling sketches of the B Car showed very clear Detroit influences, but also an identifiable semi-fastback style that would soon become an Avenger trademark. (TOP) The proportions are a little more daring than the final model, but the character of the Avenger shines clearly through. (MIDDLE) Again, pure Detroit, and none the worse for it - this picture could have been produced by any of the US producers as a styling sketch for the mid-1960s. (BOTTOM) Another Avenger trademark, the L-Shaped rear lamps were clearly designed in from an early stage in the project.

Clay scale model

The first quarter scale clay model is worked upon by (right to left) lead modeller, Ray Key, exteriors modelling supervisor, Matt Muncaster, exterior chief stylist Reg Myatt and Roy Axe.

Full-size clays

One of the propsals that went to full-size clay for submission to management. This version was passed over in favour ofthe shapelier version pictured below.

The model that was signed off by the management. Some fine tuning was still required at the front of the car, but the shape was now settled. The di-noc'ed version of this car was given the green light on the 16th November 1965.

Interior Schemes

Two styling themes for the interior, as produced under the guidence of Executive Styling director, Bob Saward.

The finished articles

Four Door Saloon

Five Door Estate

All development pictures from STYLE AUTO magazine.

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