Horizon projects and prototypes

Designated the C6, engineered at Poissy and styled in Whitley, the five-door hatchback that emerged sported a clean and crisp style and contemporary layout.

Andrew Cranshaw wrote: “I haven't found a mention of the Lotus Horizon Turbo. The power unit was developed by Lotus. I had the pleasure of riding in a prototype from Whitley to the Chausson wind tunnel, with Lotus engineers. Alternative bodywork mods were styled both at Whitley and at Lotus. I have a photo.”

Concept drawing

The original sketch as produced by Roy Axe; as this point in the proceedings, the SIMCA 1100 replacement was known as the "C6 SWB" (short wheelbase).

Clay models

Two 1974 proposals for C2: as can be seen from these pictures, there has been some effort expended into retaining some vestage of resemblance with the SIMCA 1100, whist adopting a more "angular" 1970s look. Note also, the slight "kick up" at the back of the car, which seems to pay tribute to the similarly shaped 1100 rear. It should be noted that it was the concept on the left that was approved for further development...

Two 1974 further C2 proposals, which followed the same train of thought as the top two.

Saloon styling proposal

This proposal may have pleased the conservative British (who took the later Ford Escort-based Orion to their collective hearts), but obviously had some way to go in styling terms...

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