Arrow projects and prototypes

The Arrow range was conceived to be a conventional replacement for the Audax Rootes cars - and as such, was designed in Hillman, Humber and Singer versions. The early styling schemes resembled an enlarged Imp, but these were soon revised into a plainer and more "classical" looking saloon.

The Arrow Project

Quarter-Scale Models

Full-scale proposals

Late in 1963, a simpler car (than the Swallow) was conceived; one that would be cheaper to develop, and cheaper to produce. The smart "Arrow" was the result, and thanks to the above work on the earlier car, the style was adopted and accepted remarkably quickly. These full-size models were approved by management on April 17th 1964.

The Arrow took shape in remarkably quick time, and this is the proposal that management approved for further development.

Once the full-size clay had been sanctioned, work began on several different frontal treatments. Here are three that did not progress beyond this stage.

By March 1965, this frontal treatment had also been signed off for the Hillman version, in favour of the two proposals immediately above it.


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