The Talbot Tagora was vitally important to the long-term future of the Talbot marque: after all, it was one of three mid-market carmakers nestling under the PSA banner. Executive cars were always bought and sold on style and image; the Tagora - according to many commentators - fell short on both


Brochure images

Taken from the 1982 British brochure. Classy photography was not on the agenda at the time, sadly. And that is what the Tagora needed in order to present itself in the best possible light...

Press Launch

Presented to the press in Morocco in early 1981, the Tagora shared its launch with the Talbot-Matra Murena. In stylistic terms, the smaller car outshone the Tagora, but it has to be said that in this colour and in V6 spec with alloy wheels, it does not look too bad.

Crash Test

The after effects of a 50km/h impact into a concrete block.

Crash test picture courtesy of

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