Talbot Samba Cars

The Talbot Samba was rather like its predecessor, the Chrysler Sunbeam, for the fact that it was created in a hurry in order to fill a gap in the company's range. In this case, the car was based on an existing PSA model (the 104 "Shortcut"/Citroen LN) instead of an existing Chrysler model. The Samba was in fact, Talbot's swansong - the last passenger car produced by the company - and it lasted until 1986. As can be seen in the Projects and Prototypes page, there were plans to replace it, but they were shelved when Peugeot had a change of heart regarding the future of the marque.

The Development Story

Here is the story of how the Samba was conceived, and what happened during its production life...

Enter Talbot Samba Development


The cabriolet version would give the Samba range added sparkle...

Enter the Samba Cabrio

Replacement Proposal

The Tagora for Plurocrats..The Citroen AX was proposed as the basis for a Samba replacement...

Enter the Samba Replacement AX


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