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The Talbot Tagora was launched in an uncertain time for Talbot following the takeover by PSA in 1978. The firm's UK chief of marketing Filmer Paradise famously said that the Tagora would sell alongside its mechanically similar (and many would say considerably more handsome) brother, the Peugeot 604, and the company should, "let the best man win". The Tagora's production run, which spanned just over four years and 19,400 cars demonstrates that the car was the wrong product, launched at the wrong time.

A Seattle band has named itself Talbot Tagora.

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The Development Story

Here is the story of how the Tagora was conceived, and what happened during its production life...

Enter Talbot Tagora Development

Projects and prototypes

The Tagora was styled in Coventry and engineered in France to replace the group's unsuccessful 2-Litre. Development was started in 1976 under the codename C9. The design was hastily changed in 1978 to allow for as many Peugeot components, following Chrysler Europe's takeover by PSA...

Enter the Prototype Tagora


The Tagora for Plurocrats..

Enter Tagora Presidence


More images of the Tagora...

Enter Tagora Gallery


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