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12 April 2009. Revamped the page header and removed the banner ads. Thanks to our two home-page text advertisers for carrying the burden for the entire site.

11 April 2009. Updates to the css and standard header/footer code for standards compliance.

10 May 2009. Dropped Google ads for Chitika.

18 July 2008. I just realized that for two years I've forgotten to update this list for two years though I've been making updates. Added military vehicles to Humber page (thanks, clanmackinnonstl)

29 May 2006. Simca 1100 page seriously expanded. Thanks, Andy!

15 May 2006. Killed mailing list that NOBODY joined. Updated menu. Mailing list archive.

1 May 2006. Simca 1000 page rewritten. Home page history of SIMCA rewritten and expanded. Brochure pages — credit given to Ian Robertson on Horizon Special; incorrect meta tags fixed where found (18 pages). Titles given to various pages that did not have them.

28 April 2006. Serious updates to the Simca 1000 page. New Commer/Dodge Spacevan page.

23 March 2006. Largely a cosmetic update also trimming down the page sizes a bit without any real impact.

9 March 2006. Another update to Sunbeam history and the current Sunbeam Motorsports company.

16 December 2005 Significantly updated the Sunbeam history

12 December 2005 Added a new Car of the Month, cleaned up a number of pages.

24 October 2005 Restored images to the Car of the Month sections and fixed a few minor glitches.

20 October 2005 Restyle by evoke24 (See bottom of page).

Interlude Added histories of Singer and Sunbeam.

24 May 2005 Serious update to the Paykan (Iran-built Hillman) page.

23 May 2005 Forums restored (hosted by Allpar). Logos added to the home page, some additions of information to brand pages.

20 May 2005 Site transferred to Allpar, the premier Chrysler-oriented Web site. We hope this will not result in history repeating itself. Allpar hopes to add to and honor the site even though it may look messy as we transition the technology over to what we’re used to. (I realize that this sounds very familiar. We hope it will work out well this time.) Sorry for the ads but please realize they don't even pay for the hosting costs! (And we don’t appreciate the nasty comments — “how dare he not lose money every month after paying for the site!”)

03 Apr 2005 Callum Cubbage's impressive SIMCA 1000 added as the Car of the Month...

01 Mar 2005 Pete Brownrigg's Talbot-Matra Rancho added as Car of the Month...

11 Feb 2005 Talbot Samba brochures added...

01 Feb 2005 Talbot-Matra Murena for Car of the Month...

01 Dec 2004 Ian Hawle's 1971 Chrysler 180 added as December's Car of The Month

10 Oct 2004 Thanks to Alexander Beyer and Ewan Isaacs, more brochures have been uploaded

29 Sep 2004 Richard Gunn's immaculate Humbre Sceptre Series I added as the October car of the month

24 Jun 2004 The 1982 Alpine/Solara model range gets its own gallery...

15 Jun 2004 The strange story of the Australian UK-market Chryslers added...

02 Jun 2004 Andy Thompson's additions to the Matra-Rancho story uploaded...

01 Jun 2004 A nice Imp for Car of the Month...

31 May 2004 Avengers rolling off the line at Todd Park, New Zealand...

28 May 2004 A year-by-year breakdown of Avenger production in New Zealand... Simca 1300/1301/1500/1501 development story added. The forgotten Simca...

19 May 2004 Avenger development story re-written to include extra information from Andy Thompson... The story of the Avenger in Argentina, as told b Andy Thompson

24 Apr 2004 Graham Arnold's story on the Talbots produced in Finland by Valmet

18 Apr 2004 Plymouth Cricket page updated with production development table and new pictures

31 Mar 2004 Rootes-Chrysler gets its first Car of the Month, and what a way to kick off!

30 Mar 2004 Pictures of SIMCA's ill-fated Projet 929; the French project abandoned in favour of the Rootes C Car...

29 Mar 2004 Pictures of Chrysler 180 replacement Coupe and saloon proposals / Revisions to the Chrysler 180 development story

27 Mar 2004 The full story about the Swallow project; what its influences were, how it looked and why it was killed. Revisions to the Rootes Arrow development story

25 Mar 2004 Pictures added to revised Imp projects/prototypes page... Pictures of "Project Slug" added

24 Mar 2004 Samba story updated with extra information More brochures added (Horizons: Talbot and Plymouth)

10 Mar 2004 Humber history page added

08 Mar 2004 SIMCA history page added

06 Mar 2004 Paykan page added

02 Mar 2004 Chrysler Centura page added Chrysler 180 gallery added

29 Feb 2004 Talbot Tagora Presidence added More brochures added (Bagheera, Tagora)

28 Feb 2004 Chrysler 180 / SIMCA 1610 development story added

22 Feb 2004 Project Swallow picture gallery added Rootes Arrow (Hillman Hunter et al) development story added

09 Feb 2004 Plymouth Horizon/Dodge Omni page added

08 Feb 2004 Plymouth Cricket page added

07 Feb 2004 South American Avengers added

30 Jan 2004 Chrysler-SIMCA/Talbot Horizon development story added Horizon projects and prototypes added

29 Jan 2004 Talbot Tagora development story added

28 Jan 2004 Talbot Tagora gallery added

26 Jan 2004 SIMCA 1000 gallery added SIMCA 1100 gallery added Talbot Minx/Rapier gallery added

23 Jan 2004 The Spanish market Chrysler 150 The Chrysler/Calspan RSV added The Moskvich 2141/Aleko looks very similar to the Alpine - however, there are no links between the two. A case of Eastern European plaigiarism? Samba cabriolet gallery added Citroen AX-based Samba replacement added

22 Jan 2004 Images of the Alpine being produced at Ryton added Alpine/SIMCA 1308 projects and prototypes added Alpine/SIMCA 1308/Solara development story added Alpine/Solara index page added

18 Jan 2004 Chrysler/Talbot Sunbeam development story added SIMCA 1200 Campero added Further information about the Talbot-Wind added

14 Jan 2004 Talbot-Matra Murena development story added

13 Jan 2004 Group B Horizon added Chrysler/SIMCA Horizon Index page added Murena and Bagheera pages split, and accessable via an index page Bagheera model page added. Prototype Bagheera U8 added

12 Jan 2004 SIMCA 1100 development story added SIMCA 1100 Index page added Talbot-Wind page added

11 Jan 2004 SIMCA 1000 development story added Matra history page added

09 Jan 2004 Hillman Imp development story added

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